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Some old info


Along with comedy partner Greg Hemphill, Ford Kiernan is best known for his two BBC Scotland TV series Chewin' the Fat and Still Game, which was based on a one-off Edinburgh Fringe play. The inspiration for the characters Jack and Victor came originally from Kiernan's Uncle Barney and Hemphill's Grandpa Sammy.

Ford has been a barman at Glasgow University, trained as a tailor, travelled the world as a marketing executive and even dabbled in telephone chat lines (where he met Hemphill). An exceptional mimic, he is regularly used for voice-overs on radio, including Radio 4's Week Ending and Radio Scotland's Off The Ball.

He has co-written a thriller, Bad Medicine, for Absolutely Films. His play, Don't Start Me won a Scotsman Fringe First award for excellence and innovation at the 1995 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Ford also enjoyed an extensive acting career, appearing in Gangs of New York, The Last Great Wilderness, St. Antony's Day Off, Ruffian Hearts, Complicity, Stand & Deliver, The Slab Boys and on Channel 4's Space Cadets.

He can also boast of one Ronald Villiers moment: after the rest of his scene with Robert Carlyle was cut, only the back of his head appears in Carla's Song.

In 2001, he released an album of big-band numbers, Swing When You're Minging.

Ford Kiernan is married to Lesley and the couple have two children, Kaye and Sonny. Lesley maintains a Chewin' The Fat site, with profiles of all the regulars and photos of them as children.

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