Evening Times article July 2005 

Evening Times article July 2005


TV'S hit comedy Still Game could soon be winning fans in America.

Writer/performer Ford Kiernan said today he was 'hugely excited' at the idea of adapting the format.

Ford said: "It's an idea we really want to get going. I really think the Americans could go for Still Game."

Ford said he had been inspired by the success of the American version of The Office, the Ricky Gervais comedy.

He said: "It seems the Americans are open to British ideas."

"The idea is that the two characters from Still Game would appear as two old New York Jewish guys."

Sidekick Greg Hemphill said: "It's just finding the time because we still have to write the Christmas special of Still Game."

Robbie Coltrane makes a guest appearance in the new BBC2 series which starts on Friday

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