Black & White Publishing Book info 

Black & White Publishing Book info


With Series Three over and Series Four yet to come, here is an ideal way for fans of Still Game, BBC Scotlands hugely successful TV comedy, to keep in touch with their favourite characters. In Still Game, Ford and Greg present the original scripts from six of their favourite episodes, illustrated in full colour with stills from the shows and with a specially written introduction to each episode in their own inimitable style. The characters of Jack, Victor, Winston, Isa and their pals have become firm favourites with TV viewers and now they can read the scripts and relive some classic episodes that led to them being established as Scotlands best-known and funniest pensioners.

As well as co-writing the scripts of Still Game with Greg Hemphill and taking the role of Jack in the series, Ford Kiernan has had an impressive acting career, appearing in Gangs of New York, The Slab Boys and Channel 4s Space Cadets. Ford says his inspiration for the character of Jack was his Uncle Barney.

Glasgow-born Greg Hemphill has an honours degree in theatre, film and television studies from the University of Glasgow where he held the post of rector from 200304. Like Ford, Greg has given award-winning performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and his numerous TV appearances include Rab C Nesbitt and Only an Excuse. The original host of the cult radio show Off the Ball, Greg says his Still Game character, Victor, bears more than a passing resemblance to his Grandpa Sammy.

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